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Creative Movement –This class is an introduction of dance and movement to children ages 2.5-preschool. Body awareness, individuality, coordination, creativity, as well as basic aspects of tap and ballet are addressed in this class. 30 minutes weekly. Cost/Month $25
Tap/Ballet Combination Class –A fun Introduction and continuation of tap and ballet for Pre-schoolers through 3rd grade. Dancers will explore the basics of tap for the first half then switch to ballet for the remainder of class. Students will learn tap and ballet technique and vocabulary in a structured class environment. 45 minutes weekly. Cost/Month $25
Jazz –Stemming from ballet but performed energetically. We focus on self-expression, flexibility, coordination and technique. 2nd -3rd Grade. 30 minutes weekly. Cost/Month $20
Pom –Fast paced pom/jazz dance with a little tumbling on top.This class teaches sharp, clean motions through across the floor and pom combinations. These classes also concentrate on the many skills that are required by dance teams such as jumps, leaps, and turns. 30 minutes weekly. Cost/Month $20
Tap/Jazz Combination Class –A continuation of tap and jazz technique and choreography for 4th – 12th grade. During tap class we transform our feet into musical instruments exploring styles from Classical tap to Rhythmic tap. During jazz we focus on flexibility, coordination and technique. Students will learn different turns, jumps, leaps, and extensions while incorporating them into many different styles of jazz. 45 minutes weekly. Cost/Month $25
Hip Hop –This is a fun and upbeat class that focuses on coordination, strength and progression from basic combinations to intricate choreography influenced by the current pop culture. 4th-12th Grade. 30 minutes weekly. Cost/Month $20
Contemporary –A mixture of jazz and ballet, this class crosses into the contemporary style of lyrical dance. We embrace the foundations of lyrical while constantly pushing to evolve with the contemporary dance scene. 4th-12th grade. 30 minutes weekly. Cost/Month $20
Clogging –Clogging is offered to 4th grade and older. This style of folk dance emphasizes the downbeat of the music to create percussive rhythms. 30 minutes weekly. Cost/Month $20

Pre-Pointe –Pre-pointe is a continuation of Ballet after 3rd grade. Any dancer who is serious about continuing on to Pointe must take Pre-Pointe 3-4 years. Class includes barre and center floor work improving strength and flexibility while working on body alignment, balance and coordination. 30 minutes weekly. Cost/Month $15

Pointe –A continuation of Pre-Pointe, students must have at least 3-4 years of experience. Proper technique, strength and dedication are required for this class. 30 minutes weekly. Cost/Month $20

Most often students are placed within their age groups. Classes are offered to ages 2.5 through 18, from beginner to advanced, recreational or competitive. All classes will participate in the end of year annual dance recital.

Contact Studio A for additional information regarding classes.
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